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St-Hubert Menu

St-Hubert Menu

St-Hubert Menu has been known for spit-roasted chicken and its legendary BBQ sauce. You can also try out ribs, fish, sandwiches, soups, appetizers, and desserts at affordable prices. You can also enjoy alcoholic drinks like wine.

St Huber Menu is a Canadian casual dining restaurant chain founded by the founding families of Hélène and René Léger. They opened their first restaurant on Hubert Street in Montreal. The head office of St-Hubert is in Laval, Quebec, Canada.

Menu St-Hubert’s includes popular items with delicious combos, crunchy and chewy roasted chicken dishes, great ribs, tasty chicken breast fillets, flavorful sandwiches, delicious poutines, and healthy meal salad.


4 Mini Rolls $ 4.00
6 Chicken Wings $ 9.25
St-Hubert Caesar Salad $ 6.45
Mixed Platter $ 14.75
12 Chicken Wings $ 8.25
Chicken Noodle Soup $ 4.95
5 Crispy Ribs $ 8.25
10 Crispy Ribs $ 14.50
Cream Of Chicken $ 4.95


Chicken Leg $ 14.95
Piri-Piri Rotisserie Chicken Leg $ 15.95
Indian Chicken Brochette $ 21.95
Double Leg $ 18.5
Half Chicken $ 20.5
Piri-piri Rotisserie Chicken Breast $ 17.95
Indian-Style Rotisserie Chicken Leg $ 15.95
Piri-Piri Rotisserie Double Chicken Leg $ 19.95
Indian-Style Rotisserie Chicken Breast $ 17.95
Piri-Piri Rotisserie Half Chicken $ 21.95
Indian-Styke Rotisserie Double Chicken Leg $ 19.95
Chicken Brochette $ 20.5
Piri-Piri Chicken Brochette $ 21.95
Thai Chicken Brochette $ 21.95


Fish & Chips $ 18.95

Ribs & Steaks

Half Rack $ 20.25
Full Rack $ 29.5
Half Rack Of Ribs + Leg $ 24.95
Half Rack of Ribs Ribs + Breast $ 26.95
Half Rack of Ribs + Piri-Piri Chicken Breast $ 28.45
Half Rack of Ribs + Piri-Piri Chicken Leg $ 26.5
Half Rack of Ribs + Indian Chicken Leg $ 26.5
Half Rack of Ribs + Indian Chicken Breast $ 28.45

Burgers & Wraps

Original St-Burger with 4 free wings $ 16.95
Club Burger with Grilled Chicken Breast $ 16.95
St-Hubert Wrap with Grilled Chicken Breast $ 15.50
Piri-Piri St-Burger with 4 Free Wings $ 17.50
Club Burger with Crispy Chicken Breast $ 16.95
St-Hubert Wrap with Crispy Chicken Fillets $ 15.50


Poutines Price
Poutine $12.70
Poutine St-Hubert / St-Hubert Poutine $14.70


Goat cheese and spinach salad $ 17.95
Bangkok Salad with Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets $ 17.50
St-Hubert Caesar Salad with Rotisserie Chicken $ 17.50
Bangkok Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast $ 17.50
Bangkok Salad with Grilled Chicken Breast $ 17.50
St-Hubert Caesar Salad $ 15.25
Bangkok Salad with Crispy Veggie Strips $ 17.00
Veggie Bangkok Salad $ 17.50
Maraîcher Salad with Rotisserie Chicken $ 17.50


Hot Chicken – Dark Meat $ 13.50
4 Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets $ 16.95
Club Sandwich – White Meat $ 17.00
Hot Chicken – White Meat $ 15.00
6 Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets $ 20.95
Poutine $ 13.75
3 Crispy Chicken Breast Fillets $ 14.95
Club Sandwich – Dark Meat $ 15.5
Club Burger with Grilled Chicken Breast $ 16.95

FAQs About St-Hubert

Does St-Hubert offer takeout?

Yes, St-Hubert offers takeout. Customers can order their meals online or by phone and pick them up from a designated location. The restaurant also offers delivery for certain locations.

Does St-Hubert offer delivery?

Yes, St-Hubert shows delivery for specific places. Buyers can request online or by phone and select the delivery option. The restaurant will then deliver the order to their doorstep.

What are the St-Hubert menu items?

St-Hubert offers a variety of menu items, from starters and soups to entrees and desserts. Starters include their famous Poutines, Burgers, Fries, Chicken Wings and Salads. Customers can choose from rotisserie chicken dishes, grilled steaks and sandwiches for main courses.

How much do the St-Hubert menu items cost?

The cost of St-Hubert menu items can vary depending on location. Generally, starters range from around $8 to $14, entrees typically range between $20 to $30, and desserts usually vary from around $4 to $7.

What are the St-Hubert specials?

St-Hubert offers various specials throughout the year. These can include discounts on certain menu items, such as rotisserie chicken, burgers, and sandwiches. They also offer promotional deals, such as two meals for the price of one or coupons for a free side dish.

What is the St-Hubert secret menu?

St-Hubert does not officially have a “secret menu”; however, they offer various special menu items that can be custom ordered. These include Double St-Hu Burger, Croque Braumeister and Poulet Biscuit.

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