La Belle et la Boeuf Menu

La Belle et la Boeuf Menu

La Belle et la Boeuf Menu Offers various menu items, ranging from classic burgers to creative combinations. Popular options include La Boeuf Burger and Le Chicken Burger, served with same-named sauces. Other dishes include steak frites, poutine, and salads and sandwiches.

Belle et la boeuf menu has several locations across Canada, most in Ontario and Quebec. The restaurants offer a vibrant atmosphere and a delicious selection of fresh-made dishes, including burgers, sandwiches, salads, steak frites and poutine.

Customers can also find a selection of craft beers, ciders, and signature cocktails at locations that serve alcohol. All locations offer takeout and delivery services for customers who cannot dine in person.



 Macaronis et fromage / Macaroni and Cheese $10.25  
 Burger classique bacon et fromage / Classic Bacon and Cheese Burger $17.25  
 Poutine Colossus $15.95  
 Mac Dog $11.45  
 Burger champignons / Mushroom Burger $18.45  

Entrées / Starters  

 Minis burgers au fromage / Mini Cheeseburgers $10.45  
Minis fromage burgers / Mini Cheeseburgers $9.95  
 Mini Porc effiloché / Mini Pulled Pork $8.95  
 Mini Gogos $8.45  
Rondelles d’oignon panées à la bière / Beer-Battered Onion Rings $6.65  
Bouchées de mac & cheese au Doritos / Doritos crusted mac & cheese bites $10.45  
Cornichon Kool-aid / Kool-aid pickle $3.65  

Salades / Salads

 Petite salade maison / Small House Salad $6.95  
 La Biquette de chèvre / Sexy Goat Salad $13.25  
 Salade césar / Caesar Salad $13.25  
 Salade Cobb / Cobb Salad $14.45  

Bols Poké / Poke Bowls

 Bol Poké au poulet grillé / Grilled Chicken Poke Bowls $18.95  


 Burger Classique / Classic Burger $14.45  
 Burger classique fromage / Classic Cheese Burger $15.75  
Burger classique bacon et fromage / Classic Bacon and Cheese Burger (Burgers) $17.25  
 Burger la Bœuf / The Beeeef Burger $17.45  
 Burger La Chèvre / The Goat Burger $17.95  
 Burger Avocat / Avocado Burger $18.45  
Burger champignons / Mushroom Burger (Burgers) $18.45  
 Dallas Burger $18.45  
 Burger Capitaine Flam / Captain Flam Burger $18.45  
 La Belle Burger / The Beauty Burger $18.95  
 Elcamino Burger $18.95  
 Calimero Burger $19.75  
 Burger nucléaire / Nuclear Burger $19.45  
 Goldorack Burger $19.45  
 Big Jack Burger $19.45  
 Super Pac Mac $22.95  

Sans bœuf / Forget the Beef

 Janis Joplin $15.95  
 Action de grâce / Thanksgiving Turkey $16.45  
 Je me Fish $15.45  
 Le polo club / The Polo Club $17.45  
 Poulet frit piquant / Spicy Fried Chicken $16.45  
 Californien / Calirornian $17.45  

Grilled Cheese

 Grillé / Grilled $12.45  
 BBQ $12.95  
 Fromage grillé Montréal / Grilled Cheese Montreal $14.25  
 Fondant / Melt $13.95  
 King Kong $18.25  


Poutine classique régulière / Regular Classic Poutine $10.25  
Hotdog Poutine $11.75  
 Poutine La Belle / The Beauty Poutine $11.75  
 Poutine La Bœuf / The Beeeef Poutine $12.45  
 Poutine Robert $12.95  
 Poutine Gabriel $12.95  
 Poutine Dynamite $13.45  
 Poutine B.O.M. $13.75  
 Poutine Syndicate $15.95  
Poutine Colossus (Poutines) $15.95  
 Poutine Montreal $15.95  
 Poutine Thai $14.95  
 Poutine Keto / Keto Poutine $18.95  

Macaronis au fromage / Macaroni and Cheese

Macaronis et fromage / Macaroni and Cheese (Macaronis au fromage / Macaroni and Cheese) $10.25  
 Mac’olos $11.25  
Mac Dog (Macaronis au fromage / Macaroni and Cheese) $11.45  
 Mac Deli $15.95  

Frites divines / Fries beyond the call of duty

Patates frites maison / Homemade Potato Fries $4.95  
Frites de patate douces / Sweet Potato Fries $5.95  
Chips Maison / Homemade Chips $3.25  

Liquides / Liquids

Bouteille stewart’s originale / Stewart’s Original Bottle $3.50  
Canettes boissons gazeuses / Soft Drink Cans $3.00  
Red Bull $5.00  

Trempettes / Dipping Sauce

Mayo épicée / Spicy Mayo $1.00  
Mayo Chipotle / Chipotle Mayo $1.00  
Mayo ail / Garlic Mayo $1.00  
Mayo Raifort $1.00  
Mayo can emerge / Cranberry Mayo $1.00  
Mayo moutarde miel / Honey Mustard Mayo $1.00  
Sauce fromage bleu / Blue Cheese Sauce $1.00  
Sauce ranch / Ranch Sauce $1.00  
Sauce BBQ $1.00  
Sauce secrète Big Jack / Big Jack Secret Sauce $1.00  
Sauce volcanique / Volanic Sauce $1.00  
Salsa de piment forts / Hot Pepper Salsa $1.00

FAQs About St-Hubert

What are the St-Hubert menu items?

St-Hubert menu items include classic burgers, steak options, and creative plate combinations. Popular options include St-Hubert Chicken Burger, Chicken Caesar Fries and the famous Poulet BBQ – a half chicken meal with french fries and coleslaw.

How much do the St-Hubert menu items cost?

St-Hubert menu items usually cost between $10 to $20, depending on the selection and size of the meal. Prices vary by location, so it’s best to contact your local St-Hubert restaurant directly for exact pricing information.

What are the St-Hubert specials?

St-Hubert offers daily specials and lunch combos that customers can take advantage of. Specials vary by location but usually include classic St-Hubert dishes such as BBQ chicken, steak sandwiches and burgers.

What is the St-Hubert secret menu?

St-Hubert has a secret menu only available to those in the know. The menu includes signature dishes such as their famous rotisserie chicken, poutine loaded with toppings and sweet treats like doughnut pies.

How do I order from the St-Hubert menu?

You can order from St-Hubert’s menu in person, online or over the phone. In-person orders can be placed at the counter or drive-thru of your local St-Hubert.

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