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Baton Rouge Menu

Baton Rouge Menu

Baton Rouge Menu is a simple cafe chain in Canada doing food and beverages from Seafood Linguine to Ribs & Chicken Tenders, and here you can visit their menu with over 80 items and costs.

Menu Baton Rouge in Canada is where you like to be. With its rural atmosphere and great food, it’s no surprise this cafe has been about since 1992. While the decor hasn’t varied much since then, so has the food grade.

Bâton Rouge Menu steakhouses are precisely alike, and there are the best items that are typical, such as high-quality cuts of meat designed to model by professional chefs and done with care by attentive wait staff.


Menu Item Price
Calamari CAN$ 17
Spinach Dip (Signature Br) CAN$ 16
Cheddar Dip CAN$ 15
Crispy Shrimp CAN$ 18
Creamy Potato Soup CAN$ 8
Caesar Salad Appetizer CAN$ 9
Mixed Salad Appetizer CAN$ 9
Lobster-Stuffed Mushrooms CAN$ 15

Bowls & Salads

Menu Item Price
Chicken Tenders Salad CAN$ 21
Louisiana Chicken Salad CAN$ 21
Customize Your Power Bowl CAN$ 25
Thai Steak Salad CAN$ 28
Chicken Caesar Salad CAN$ 20

Burgers & Sandwiches

Menu Item Price
Bâton Rouge Burger CAN$ 20
Prime Rib Sandwich CAN$ 24
Club Sandwich CAN$ 20
The Hero Sandwich CAN$ 22

Comforting Classics

Menu Item Price
Seafood Linguine CAN$ 35
Santa Fe Chicken CAN$ 28
Chicken Tenders Platter CAN$ 21
Halloumi Gnocchi CAN$ 24

Signature Ribs

Menu Item Price
Bbq Pork Back Ribs CAN$ 29
Bbq Pork Back Ribs Rack And A Half CAN$ 36
Ribs & Chicken Tenders CAN$ 34
Ribs & Jumbo Black Tiger Shrimp CAN$ 45
Ribs & Chicken CAN$ 36

Premium Steaks

Menu Item Price
Filet Mignon 7 Oz. CAN$ 45
New York Striploin 12 Oz. CAN$ 42
Top Sirloin 8 Oz. CAN$ 33
Rib Steak 16 Oz. CAN$ 49

Fish & Seafood

Menu Item Price
Atlantic Salmon CAN$ 31
Salmon Tartare Half Portion CAN$ 22
Salmon Tartare Full Portion CAN$ 32
Tuna Tartare (Half Portion) CAN$ 24
Tuna Tartare Full Portion CAN$ 34

Family Meal

Menu Item Price
Family Burger Bundle CAN$ 69
Family Chicken Tenders Bundle CAN$ 69
Family Ribs Fest CAN$ 89
Signature Combo: Ribs & Chicken Tenders CAN$ 135
Meat Lover CAN$ 135


Menu Item Price
Rosée Pasta CAN$ 8
Kids Gnocchis Mac And Cheese CAN$ 10
Kids Bbq Pork Back Ribs Half Rack CAN$ 12
Chicken Tenders Platter (3) CAN$ 10
Mini Burgers CAN$ 10


Menu Item Price
Sweet Potato Fries With Chipotle Mayonnaise CAN$ 5.25
Wild Rice Pilaf CAN$ 4.25
Fully Loaded Baked Potato CAN$ 5.25
Red Skin Garlic Mashed Potatoes CAN$ 4.25
Signature French Fries CAN$ 4.25
Coleslaw CAN$ 4.25
Seasonal Vegetables CAN$ 5.25
Mac N Cheese Gnocchi CAN$ 10


Menu Item Price
White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake CAN$ 11
Pecan Pie CAN$ 10
Chocolate Cake CAN$ 11
Carrot Cake CAN$ 9


Menu Item Price
Bottled Diet Pepsi (591 Ml) CAN$ 3.5
Bottled 7up (591 Ml) CAN$ 3.5
Brisk Iced Tea (591ml) CAN$ 4
Water Voss (800 Ml) CAN$ 8
Bottled Pepsi (591 Ml) CAN$ 3.5
Sparkling Water Voss (800 Ml) CAN$ 8


Menu Item Price
Budweiser Bottle (330 Ml) CAN$ 7
Budweiser Light Bottle (330 Ml) CAN$ 6

White And Sparkling Wine

Menu Item Price
La Marca 750 Ml ( Sparkling ) CAN$ 12
Gallo Family Vineyards White Zinfandel 750 Ml ( Wine – Rosee) CAN$ 45
Kim Crawford 750 Ml ( Wine- White ) CAN$ 129
Henry Of Pelham 750 Ml ( Wine – White) CAN$ 32

Red Wine

Menu Item Price
Don David Reserva El Esteco 750 Ml ( Wine – Red ) CAN$ 56
The Dreaming Tree Crush Red 750 Ml ( Wine – Red ) CAN$ 44
Masi Valpolicella Bonacosta 750 Ml ( Wine – Red ) CAN$ 37
Folonari 750 Ml ( Wine – Red ) CAN$ 46

FAQs About Baton Rouge

What is the best restaurant in Baton Rouge?

The Little Village in Baton Rouge is one of the best restaurants in the city. The Little Village offers a unique taste of Louisiana hospitality, featuring locally sourced ingredients and creative takes on Cajun cuisine.

What are some good restaurants in Baton Rouge?

Baton Rouge has a vibrant culinary scene with plenty of excellent restaurants. For unique dishes and flavours, Mansurs on the Boulevard is a great option, offering innovative takes on regional favourites. On-the-Geaux offers an exciting fusion of Louisiana and Mexican cuisine.

What are some of the best Baton Rouge chefs?

Baton Rouge is house to some of the best cooks in Louisiana. Justin Ferguson, chef and owner of Mansurs on the Boulevard, has been praised for his unique takes on regional flavours. Alfred Singleton of The Little Village brings a modern twist to classic Cajun dishes.

What are some good Baton Rouge food blogs?

Baton Rouge has a vibrant foodie community where delicious eats are celebrated! Here are some of the best Baton Rouge food blogs: Sweet Tea & Biscuits, which focuses on locally sourced ingredients and comforting Southern cooking.

What are some of the best Baton Rouge restaurants for special occasions?

Plenty of amazing restaurants in Baton Rouge are perfect for special occasions. The Little Village brings a unique twist to classic Cajun dishes and can accommodate intimate parties. Mansurs on the Boulevard offers an upscale, modern take on regional flavours.

What are some of the best Baton Rouge restaurants for vegetarians?

Baton Rouge has plenty of amazing vegetarian-friendly restaurants. On the Hill is a famous location for tasty vegan bowls and wraps. Vegan Kitchen seeks to push the boundaries of vegan dishes, offering exciting flavour combinations like their mac n’ cheese bake.

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