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Chatime Menu

Chatime Menu is Aa Bubble Tea chain in Canada making Tea from Pearl Milk Tea to Grape Green Tea, and here you can visit their menu with around 80 articles and their costs. Chatime Menu Toronto Bubble tea was developed in Taiwan, also known as boba or pearl milk tea.

Bubble tea, also understood as boba tea, is an Asian beverage that has earned its way worldwide to become one of the most famous beverages today.

Chatime, established in 2005, has already evolved into one of Canada’s biggest and most famous bubble tea chains, with over 80 sites across Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia and Alberta.

Brown Sugar

Menu Item Price
Brown Sugar Pearl Milk Tea CAN$ 7.6
Brown Sugar Milk Tea CAN$ 7.2
Brown Sugar Roasted Milk Tea CAN$ 7.2
Brown Sugar Fresh Milk CAN$ 7.8


Menu Item Price
Sichuan Spicy Wonton CAN$ 9.99

Milk Tea

Menu Item Price
Chatime Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Chatime Roasted Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Thai Coffee Milk Tea CAN$ 6.8
Thai Milk Tea CAN$ 6.5
Pearl Milk Tea CAN$ 6.5
Taro Milk Tea CAN$ 6.5
Classic Hazelnut Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Honeydew Milk Tea CAN$ 6.3
Jasmine Green Milk Tea CAN$ 6


Menu Item Price
Passion Fruit Slush CAN$ 6.8
Honeydew Slush CAN$ 6.5
Milk Tea Marble CAN$ 7.7
Milk Tea Smoothie CAN$ 6.8
Taro Smoothie CAN$ 6.8
Taro Marble CAN$ 7.7
Cocoa Smoothie CAN$ 6.8
Mango Slush CAN$ 6.8
Lemon Yoghurt Slush CAN$ 6.8

QQ Jelly

Menu Item Price
Taiwan Mango QQ CAN$ 7
Passion Fruit QQ CAN$ 7
Grapefruit QQ CAN$ 7
Lemon QQ CAN$ 7
Grass Jelly with Fresh Milk CAN$ 7
Lychee Yoghurt QQ CAN$ 7
Peach QQ CAN$ 7

Grape Series – New!

Menu Item Price
Grape Yogurt CAN$ 6.2
Grape Green Tea CAN$ 6.2
Grape Slush CAN$ 7
Grape Slush with Salty Cream CAN$ 7.6

Fruit Tea

Menu Item Price
Grapefruit Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Hawaiian Fruit Tea CAN$ 6.3
Lemon Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Mango Green Tea CAN$ 6.3
Peach Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Kumquat Green Tea CAN$ 6.3
Passion Fruit Green Tea CAN$ 6.3
Yoghurt Green/Black Tea CAN$ 6.3
Lychee Black Tea CAN$ 6.3

Refreshing Juice

Menu Item Price
Mango Yoghurt CAN$ 6.3
Kumquat Lemon Juice CAN$ 6
Lemon Juice CAN$ 6
Kumquat Juice CAN$ 6
Lemon Yoghurt Juice CAN$ 6.3
Honey Lemon Aloe CAN$ 6.8


Menu Item Price
Wintermelon Dew CAN$ 6.2
Wintermelon Fresh Milk CAN$ 6.8
Wintermelon Lemon Juice CAN$ 6.2
Wintermelon Mousse CAN$ 6.8

Fresh Tea

Menu Item Price
Jasmine Green Tea CAN$ 5.25
Black Tea CAN$ 5.25
Earl Gray Tea CAN$ 5.25


Menu Item Price
Black Tea Latte CAN$ 6.5
Green Tea Latte CAN$ 6.5
Matcha Tea Latte CAN$ 6.8


Menu Item Price
Black Tea Mousse CAN$ 6.3
Chocolate Mousse CAN$ 6.8
Green Tea Mousse CAN$ 6.3
Matcha Mousse CAN$ 6.8

FAQs About Chatime

What is the most popular drink in Chatime?

Chatime is known for its wide variety of bubble tea concoctions. The most popular drink at Chatime is their classic Milk Tea, a delicious blend of Taiwanese black tea and fresh milk. The Wintermelon Tea is always a hit for something a bit more fruity.

What is special about Chatime?

Chatime is a unique bubble tea destination that offers unbeatable quality and flavour. Their drinks are blended using the best ingredients and can be customized to make them exactly how you like them. They also offer seasonal beverages like their limited-edition Matcha Cocoa lava series.

Is Chatime unhealthy?

Chatime offers a variety of drinks that can fit any lifestyle, whether you’re looking for something on the healthier side or indulging in a sweet treat. While their creamy and sugary beverages are more indulgent, they have other options, like green tea or fruit-based drinks.

What is the healthiest Chatime?

The healthiest Chatime drink is one of their fruit-based beverages. Most of these drinks are made without sugar or cream and are typically high in antioxidants and vitamin C. You also have the option to choose which type of tea base you would like ranging from oolong, jasmine green tea, matcha tea, black tea, and more.

What is the distinction between standard and big Chatime?

The difference between the regular and large sizes of Chatime drinks lies in the amount of beverage you get. The regular size is a 12-ounce drink, while the large is a 16-ounce drink. This means you can get more volume with a large compared to a regular size for the same price.

Is Chatime halal?

Yes, Chatime is halal. All ingredients used in their drinks are sourced from certified suppliers that adhere to the standards of the Halal Certification Authority.

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