Poulet Rouge Menu

Poulet Rouge Menu

Poulet Rouge Menu is a special menu available at select St-Hubert locations. The Poulet Rouge menu features dishes made with rotisserie chicken, such as a roasted chilli lime half chicken and garlic mushroom and bacon rotisserie platter.

Poulet Club include sandwiches, Red Burgers and a range of salads. Customers can contact their local St-Hubert location for pricing information and availability of the Poulet Rouge menu.

Poulet Rouge menu prices will vary depending on location and availability. For more information, customers should call their local St-Hubert restaurant to inquire about current pricing information.


Picked for you

 Créez Votre Salade de Poulet Grillé / Create Your Grilled Chicken Salad $14.99  

Créez Votre Bol / Create Your Bowl

 Créez Votre Salade de Poulet / Create Your Chicken Salad $12.89  
Créez Votre Bol Végé/ Create Your Veggie Bowl $9.49  
 Mini Bol / Mini Bowl $10.79  
 Bol Enfant / Kid’s Bowl $8.49  
 Bol Végé / Veggie Bowl $11.49  
 Salade Végé / Veggie Salad $11.79  


 Créez Votre Rouge Bol / Create Your Rouge Bowl $11.99  
 Rouge Bol / Rouge Bowl $11.99  
 Créez Votre Rouge Bol XL / Create Your Rouge Bowl XL $13.69  

Bols Signatures / Signature Bowls

 Rouge Bol XL / Rouge Bowl XL $13.69  
 Bol Quinoa / Quinoa Bowl $14.19  
 Salade Feu Vert / Grilled Chicken Salad $13.94  
 Poutine Poulet Rouge $13.79  


 Wrap Grillé / Grilled Wrap $9.70  
Créez Votre Wrap / Create Your Wrap $9.70  
Wrap Végé / Veggie Wrap $6.78  

À-Côtés / Sides

Patates Frites Maison / Home-Made French Fries $3.24  
Petite Poutine / Small Poutine $6.99  
Petite Poutine Classique / Small Classic Poutine $6.91  
 Poutine Classique / Classic Poutine $11.49  
Repas Poutine Classique / Meal Classic Poutine $8.99  
Riz Brun / Brown Rice $3.24  
Blé Concassé / Bulgur Wheat $3.22  
Quinoa $4.24  


 Pounding au Chocolat / Chocolate Pudding $2.99  
 Pouding Chômeur / Poor Man’s Pudding $2.99  


FAQs About Poulet Rouge

What type of food is poulet rouge?

Poulet Rouge is a special menu created by the popular restaurant chain St-Hubert. The menu includes a range of dishes made with their signature rotisserie chicken, including half-chickens, platters, sandwiches, and burgers.

What is the translation for poulet rouge chicken?

Poulet Rouge chicken translates to Red Chicken in English. This refers to the iconic St-Hubert rotisserie chicken, cooked until it develops a deep reddish-brown colour.

Who is the founder of Poulet Rouge?

Poulet Rouge was founded by the St-Hubert restaurant chain, established in 1951 by Jacques StPierre and Jean Léger. The first St-Hubert restaurant opened in Montreal, Canada and quickly evolved into one of the area’s most popular restaurants.

When did Poulet Rouge Open?

Poulet Rouge opened for business in 1951, when the St-Hubert restaurant chain was established. St-Hubert would become one of the most popular restaurants in the region, and its signature recipe for Poulet Rouge chicken remains a favourite among customers.

Does poulet mean chicken?

Yes, “poulet” is a French word that means “chicken“. Poulet Rouge is the name of the signature recipe served by the St-Hubert restaurant chain in Montreal, Canada.

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