Jungle Jim’s Menu

Jungle Jim’s Menu

Jungle Jim’s Menu is a popular restaurant in Montreal, Canada, offering various traditional and modern dishes. The menu includes appetizers such as onion rings, nachos and main courses like burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

They also have a mixture of sides and desserts to select from. The eatery also offers several daily specials, creating it a significant place to want a tasty meal. Jungle Jim’s Eatery Prices have meals for every budget.

Appetizers like onion rings and nachos range from $4 to $6, while main courses cost between $7 and $15. The eatery also offers a variety of sides, including French fries and coleslaw, as well as desserts, such as ice cream and chocolate cake.


Popular Items

 Chicken Taquitos $9.99  
 The Bathroom Sink $17.99  
 Crocodile Skins $13.99  
 Triple Dipper $16.79  
Jungle Poutine $8.99  
 Cinnamon Sugar – Coated Caramel Apple Chimi Cheesecake $8.99  
 Great Big Splash $26.49  
 Inferno Burger $16.79  
 Jungle Crunch Sandwich $16.79  
Jim’s Famous Buffalo Wings (1 Lb.) $15.99  
 Fish (2) & Chips $16.79  
 Linguine Alfredo $13.99  
 Deep-Fried Pickles $7.99  

Snack Attacks

Jim’s Famous Buffalo Wings (1 Lb.) (Snack Attacks) $15.99  
Crocodile Skins (Snack Attacks) $13.99  
 Spinach Dip $13.99  
Chicken Taquitos (Snack Attacks) $9.99  
 Mozzarella Cheese Sticks $10.49  
 Home-Style Chili $8.49  
Deep-Fried Pickles (Snack Attacks) $7.99  
Triple Dipper (Snack Attacks) $16.79  
 Super Super Nachos $14.99  
 Spicy Beef Nachos $19.99  
 Tex-Mex Chicken Nachos $19.99  
 Chili Cheese Nachos $19.99  
The Bathroom Sink (Snack Attacks) $17.99  

Other Jungle Faves

Jungle Poutine (Other Jungle Faves) $8.99  
Caesar Salad $7.99  
Caesar Salad (Other Jungle Faves) $7.99  
Greek Salad $8.49  
 Jungle Rings $8.99  
Home-Cut Fries $5.99  
 Sweet Potato Fries $8.49  


 Jungle Chicken Salad $17.49  
 Cajun Chicken Caesar Salad $17.49  
 Taco Salad $16.49  

Mexican Dishes

 Twice-Grilled BBQ Chicken Burrito $17.99  
 Jimmy Changa $17.99  
 Mexi-Combo $19.99  
 Chicken Quesadilla $15.79  
 Veggie Quesadilla $13.49  

Jim’s Gourmet Bongo Burgers

Served with home-cut fries or side salad.

 BBQ Bacon Cheddar Burger $16.59  
 Chipotle Steakhouse Burger $16.79  
 Bacon Mozzarella Burger $16.59  
 The Hungry Hippo Burger $16.59  
 Normie Burger $16.59  
 Henhouse Burger $16.59  
 World-Famous Headhunter Burger $22.49  
Inferno Burger (Jim’s Gourmet Bongo Burgers) $16.79  


Served with home-cut fries or side salad.

 Jungle Cheese Steak $21.49  
 Safari Club or Wrap $17.49  
 California Chicken Wrap $17.99  
 Philly Chicken Melt $16.79  
Jungle Crunch Sandwich (Handhelds) $16.79  


 Crispy Fish Tacos $13.99  
 Chipotle Chicken Tacos $13.99  
 Spicy Beef Tacos $13.99  


Served with side salad and a garlic baguette.

Linguine Alfredo (Pasta) $13.99  
 Chicken Linguine Carbonara $18.49  
Chicken Linguine Carbonara (Pasta) $18.49  
 The Godfather $17.49  


 Monkey Finger Platter $14.49  
 Chicken Taquitos Dinner $15.79  
 Bahama Mama Stir Fry $15.49  

Steak & Ribs

Served with home-cut fries, side salad, or baked potato.

 St. Louis-Style Rhino Ribs $19.99  
 New York Striploin Steak $22.49  
 Monster Grill $34.99  

Kids’ Menu

 Kids’ Bongo Burger $8.79  
 Kids’ Alfredo Pasta $7.99  
 Kids’ Chicken Rappers $8.99  
 Kids’ Cheetah’s Four Cheese Pizza $8.99  
 Kids’ Safari Buddies $8.79  
 Kids’ Fish & Chips $8.99  
 Kids’ Monkey Fingers (2) $8.99  
 Kids’ G’rilla Cheese Sandwich $8.79  
 Kids’ Jungle Mac ‘N Cheese $8.79  


 Surf & Turf $33.49  
Fish (2) & Chips (Seafood) $16.79  
Great Big Splash (Seafood) $26.49  

Add Ons

Sour Cream $1.00  
Salsa $1.00  
Wing Sauce $1.00  
House Dressing $1.00  
Gravy $1.59  
Dressing $0.99  
Mayo $0.75  
Ranch Dressing $1.00  
Chipotle Mayo $1.00  


 Berry Chimi Cheesecake $8.99  
 Chocolate Chimi Cheesecake $8.99  
Cinnamon Sugar – Coated Caramel Apple Chimi Cheesecake (Desserts) $8.99  
 White Chocolate Brownie Cheesecake $8.99  


Canned Drink $1.99  
Bottled Water $2.49  


FAQs About Jungle Jim’s

What’s on the menu at Jungle Jim’s?

Jungle Jim’s Eatery offers a variety of traditional and modern dishes for every taste. Appetizers include onion rings, nachos, and jalapeno poppers. The menu includes main courses like burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and salads.

What are the Prices of Jungle Jim’s?

Jungle Jim’s Eatery offers items for every budget. Appetizers range from $4 to $6, while main courses cost between $7 and $15. Sides are also available from the menu, including French fries and coleslaw, and there are tasty desserts too.

Does Jungle Jim’s have a kid’s menu?

Jungle Jim’s Eatery offers a special kid’s menu for children 12 and under. This menu includes smaller portions of classic meals like burgers, hot dogs, mac ‘n cheese and fun treats like ice cream sundaes. Prices range from $3 to $6.

What is the most popular menu at Jungle Jim’s Eatery?

The most popular items on the Jungle Jim’s Eatery menu are burgers, which come in various flavours like Cajun-style and BBQ bacon. The restaurant also offers classic sandwiches, wraps, and signature entrees like spicy chicken wings and pulled pork sliders.

What are the nutritional facts for items on the menu?

The nutritional facts for the items on Jungle Jim’s menu vary depending on the item. Most entrees and appetizers are cooked to order, so nutrition facts will vary based on how they are prepared.

How often does the menu at Jungle Jim’s change?

The menu at Jungle Jim’s changes seasonally, featuring new items to please customers. The restaurant also offers daily specials and discounted weekly prices on certain items.


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