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Demetres Menu is the perfect spot or a delicious way to satisfy your sweet tooth. This dessert shop offers an assortment of decadent delights to delight any tastebud. From creamy gelato and refreshing sorbet to delicious waffles and uniquely flavoured shakes, the menu at Demetres has something for everyone.

But if you’re trying to watch your budget, never fear. We’ve got all the details about their prices right here so you can plan your next indulgent treat.


Popular Items

 Custom DIY – French Crepe $15.50  
 Custom DIY – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 Red Velvet Cake $9.25  
 Chocolate Fudge Cake $9.25  
 Say-Cheese $13.00  
 Brownie Points $14.00  
 New York Cheesecake $9.25  
 Caramel Fudge Brownie Cheesecake $9.25  
 The O.C. $8.25  
 Splitsonian – Belgian Waffle $16.50  


 Birthday Card $5.00  
 Mother’s Day Card $5.00  
 4 Pint Collection $30.00  
 6 Pint Collection $42.00  
 Stay-At-Home Birthday Kit $45.00  
 Mini Party of One Birthday Kit $15.00  

Liège Waffles

Our Liège Waffle is a brand new amazing Waffle we’ve recently launched after six years of R&D. It’s rich. It’s dense. It’s chewy. It’s a true brioche dough. It’s decadence defined and does a better job of travelling well too!

 Blush – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Pomme Pilot – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Splitsonian – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Tonguë Depressor – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Unbrûlévable – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Moo La La – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Sweetcar Named Devour – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 The Last Straw – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 You Butter Believe It – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Hasta La Vietsta – Liège Waffle $17.50  
 Custom DIY – Liège Waffle $17.50  
Custom DIY – Liège Waffle (Liège Waffles) $17.50  

French Crepes

Our French Crepes are delicate, flavourful, and made with authentic Vanilla to capture the true Paris flavour.

Custom DIY – French Crepe (French Crepes) $15.50  
 Moo La La – French Crepe $15.50  
 Splitsonian – French Crepe $15.50  
 Blush – French Crepe $15.50  
 Unbrûlévable – French Crepe $15.50  
 Pomme Pilot – French Crepe $15.50  
 The Last Straw – French Crepe $15.50  
 Tonguë Depressor – French Crepe $15.50  
 You Butter Believe It – French Crepe $15.50  
 Sweetcar Named Devour – French Crepe $15.50  
 Hasta La Vietsta – French Crepe $15.50  

Belgian Waffles

Our Belgian Waffle is the one you know and love. Light, crispy and fluffy – it pairs amazingly with our decadent desserts.

 Pomme Pilot – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 Moo La La – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
Splitsonian – Belgian Waffle (Belgian Waffles) $16.50  
 Tonguë Depressor – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 The Last Straw – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 Blush – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 Unbrûlévable – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 Sweetcar Named Devour – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 Hasta La Vietsta – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
 You Butter Believe It – Belgian Waffle $16.50  
Custom DIY – Belgian Waffle (Belgian Waffles) $16.50  

Ice Cream Pints

A pint of our Artisinally Crafted, Ultra Premium Ice Cream. Hand-packed and blast froze so it gets to your Arctic cold. All of our Ice cream & Sorbettos are made in small batches by Demetres for you.

 Chocolat Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 Cocoa Chanel Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 Dulce and Banana Ice Cream – Pint (Ice Cream Pints) $8.00  
Dulce and Banana Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 Honey Vanilla Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 Mango Sorbetto (Vegan) – Pint $8.00  
 Peanut Butter and Jelly Sorbetto (Vegan) – Pint $8.00  
 Roché Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 Strawberry Royale Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  
 White Chocolate Silk Ice Cream – Pint $8.00  


 Piece Talks $14.00  
 Cocoa Ono $14.00  
Brownie Points (Cakes) $14.00  
 Berry Styles $14.00  
 Face Pomme $13.00  
Say-Cheese (Cakes) $13.00  
Chocolate Fudge Cake (Cakes) $9.25  
Caramel Fudge Brownie Cheesecake (Cakes) $9.25  
Red Velvet Cake (Cakes) $9.25  
New York Cheesecake (Cakes) $9.25  
 Strawberry Shortcake $9.25  

Sundaes & Splits

 Split Personality – 4 Scoop Banana Split $18.50  
 Summertime Fatness – 2 Scoop Sundae $12.75  
 Katy Berry – 1 Scoop Sundae $10.50  
 Daddy-O – 2 Scoop Sundae $12.75  
 Choc This Way – 1 Scoop Sundae $10.50  
 One Smart Cookie – I.C. Sandwich $8.00  
 Peanut Butter Jelly Time – 2 Scoop Sundae $12.75  
 Höly Chip – IC Sandwich $8.00  
 Not My First Oreo – 1 Scoop Sundae $10.50  
 Custom DIY – 1 Scoop Sundae $10.50  
 Custom DIY – 2 Scoop Sundae $12.75  

Smoothies & Milkshakes

 Bananaconda $7.75  
 Day ‘N’ White $8.00  
 Make Your Mango Crazy $7.75  
 Pink Sip $8.00  
 Severus Shake $8.00  
 Shake & Awe $8.25  
The O.C. (Smoothies & Milkshakes) $8.25  
 So Jelly $7.75  
 So Close Viet So Far $7.75  

Hot Coffees & Hot Teas

 Hot Couture $6.00  
 Macchiato $7.00  
 Chai Fall $6.00  
 Fifty Shades $6.00  

Iced Coffees & Iced Teas

 Berry Potter $5.00  
 Dark Haze $6.00  
 Iced Cappuccino $5.75  
 Stormy Weather $7.50


What is Demetres known for?

Demetres is a variant of Demeter, associated with fertility and agriculture in Greek mythology. The goddess Demeter was widely worshipped as the protector of harvests, and her festival was celebrated in Ancient Greece each spring.

Who is the owner of Demetres?

Demetres Menu is owned by Demetres Gourmet, a family-owned business specializing in fresh and modern Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant is in Toronto, and the company has been operating since 1993. They live known for their amazing combination of traditional Greek dishes with modern twists and flavours.

Is Demetres only in Canada?

Demetres is currently located only in Canada. The original restaurant opened in Toronto, Ontario, in 1993 and now has six locations across the Greater Toronto Area. They have also recently opened two additional locations in Montreal and Quebec City.

Where is Demetres from?

Demetres Menu is from Toronto, Canada. The restaurant has been family-owned and operated by the same family since 1993 and specializes in Mediterranean cuisine with a modern twist. The menu features traditional Greek dishes and many options for vegetarians and vegans.

Who are Demetre’s competitors?

Demetres’ competitors include other Mediterranean-style restaurants such as Pinky’s, Zorba’s, and Koy. They also face competition from more mainstream restaurants such as The Keg and Jack Astor’s.

Is Demetres a chain?

Demetres is not a chain. It is family-owned and operated and has only one location in Toronto, Canada.

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