Benny Menu

Benny Menu

Benny Menu opened in 1964, featuring an authentic Japanese farmhouse interior and food prepared on steel teppanyaki grills right in front of customers. His highly trained teppanyaki chefs delighted customers with intricate knife work and theatrics. Not to mention delicious food.

Menu Benny in Chicago. By 1972, six Benihana locations existed in the United States, with more opening daily. S; Rockyocky Aoki died in 2008 at 69. His estate lives on with over 70 Benihana cafes in the United States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America, with around 100 million meals.


Entrées / Entrees

Soupe au poulet et nouilles / Chicken noodle soup $4.49  
Salade Jardinière / Garden Salad $5.99  
Salade César / Cesar Salad $5.99  
Rondelles d’oignon / Onion rings $3.99  
Frites / Fries $2.99  
Croquettes de poulet / Kibbles of chicken ( 6 croquettes) $7.29  
Croquettes de poulet / Kibbles of chicken ( 8 croquettes) $9.19  
Croquettes de poulet / Kibbles of chicken (12 croquettes) $12.79  
Croquettes de poulet / Kibbles of chicken (16 croquettes) $15.99  
Ailes de poulet / Chicken Wings ( 8 ailes) $10.99  
Ailes de poulet / Chicken Wings (12 ailes) $15.29  
Ailes de poulet / Chicken Wings (16 ailes) $17.99  
Bâtonnets de fromage ( 5 Bâtonnets) $6.49  
Bâtonnets de fromage (10 Bâtonnets) $11.99  

Poulet / Chicken

 Cuisse de poulet / Chicken Thigh $13.79  
Poitrine de poulet / Chicken Breast $15.79  
 Demi-poulet / Half Chicken $19.49  
Demi en cuisses / Half in Thighs $17.49  
 Poulet entier / Whole Chicken $35.99  
 Duo $21.99  
 4 x 4 $37.99  
 Familial Infants / Kids Family $32.99  

Côtes-levées / Ribs

Demi – Portion / Half Rack $17.99  
Portion complète / Full rack $26.29  
Demi-portion et cuisse / Half rack and leg $22.49  
Demi -Portion et poitrine / Halk Rack and breast $24.49  
Demi-portiotwo et two filets / Half rack atwod two fillets $22.49  
Demi-portion et three filets / Half rack and three filleth-rees $24.49  

Frites – Poutine / Fries – Poutines

 Poutine $11.99  
Poutine au Poulet $13.99  
Poutine au Filets $15.99  
Poutine au Poulet and Bacon $15.99  
Poutine Poulet Popcorn $13.99  
 Frite $2.99  
 Frite Sauce $7.99  
 Frite Sauce Poulet $10.99  

Club & Hot Chicken

 Club Sandwich $14.49  
 Hot Chicken $12.99  
Wrap aux filets de poulet / Chicken Fillet Wrap $13.99  
Wrap au poulet / Chicken Wrap $13.49  

Salade repas / Meal Salad

 Salade repas au poulet / Chicken Meal Salad $14.99  
Salade repas César au poulet / Chicken Caesar Meal Salad $14.99  

Filets – Ailes – Croquettes / Fillets – Wings – Nuggets

 Filets de poitrine / Breast Fillets (2 filets repas / 2 Fillets Meal) $11.49  
Filets de poitrine / Breast Fillets (3 filets repas / 3 Fillets Meal) $13.49  
Filets de poitrine / Breast Fillets (4 filets repas / 4 Fillets Meal) $15.49  
Filets de poitrine / Breast Fillets (6 filets repas / 6 Fillets Meal) $19.49  
 Ailes épicées / Spicy Wings $16.99  
 Croquettes $13.99  

Santé / Healthy

Club seul / Club Only $12.99  
Sandwich au poulet / Chicken Sandwich $6.49  
Salade au poulet seule / Chicken Salad Only $13.99  
Salade César au poulet seule / Chicken Caesar Salad Only $13.99  
Petite jardinière / Garden Salad $5.99  
Petite salade César / Small Caesar Salad $5.99  
Soupe de poulet et nouilles / Chicken Noodle Soup $4.49  

Repas enfant / Kids Meals

 5 ailes épicées, frites, et sauce / 5 Spicy Wings, Fries, and Sauce $7.79  
Saucisses feuilletées / 4 Saucisses feuilletées $7.79  
5 croquettes, frites et sauce / 5 Croquettes, Fries and Sauce $7.79  
1 haut de cuisse, frites et sauce / 1 Thigh, Fries and Sauce $7.79  
2 filets, frites et sauce / 2 Fillets, Fries and Sauce $7.79  
Poulet popcorn $7.79  


 Fromage $2.99  
 Sauce $1.49  
 Salade de chou / Coleslaw $1.49  
Choix de trempette extra / Dipping sauce extra $0.75  
Bacon $1.75  
Poulet $4.69  

Boissons / Beverages

Boisson gazeuse / Soft Drink $2.99  
 Eau pétillante / Sparkling water $2.99  
Orange Crush $2.99  
Thé glacé (591 mL) / Iced Tea (591 mL) $2.99  
Jus de fruits / Fruit Juice $2.49  
Jus de légumes / Vegetable Juice $2.49  
Eau / Water $1.99  


Gâteaux au chocolat / Chocolate Cakes $4.49  
Tarte au sucre / Sugar Pie $4.49  
Gâteau à l’érable / Maple Cake $4.49  
Tarte aux pacanes / Pecan Pie $4.49  



How many calories are in a Benny Co Poutine?

The Benny Co Poutine at Thai Express contains 980 calories per serving. It’s a deliciodeliciousith crispy french fries, homemade gravy, white cheddar cheese curds, and smoky bacon pieces.

When did Benny Co Open?

Benny Co first opened its doors in 1973. The original rein downtown Torontoronto featured unique traditional Thai cuisine. Today, Benny Co operates several restaurants across Canada, serving everything from classic dishes like pad thai and papaya salad to more modern creations like the Benny Co Poutine.

What is a Bennie sandwich?

A Bennie sandwich is a signature dish at Benny Co. It’s made with two layers of crispy french fries, smothered in melted white cheddar cheese curds and topped with homemade gravy. Then, it’s served on freshly-baked focaccia bread with slices of smoky bacon pieces for a delicious meal.

Where is Benny’s Burgers in real life?

Benny’s Burgers is a fictional franchise featured in the popular television show “Friends. However, some fans have speculated that the restaurant could be based on In-N-Out Burger, an American fast-food chain. However, this has never been confirmed.

What is another name for Benny?

Another name for Benny is Benito or Ben. Is it a Spanish and Italian variant that means the name of the name is Benny?

Benny is a unisex name of Hebrew origin and can be utilised for both boys and girls. It is a diminutive form of Benedict, meaning “.”essedare.

Why are people called Bennies?

People are called Bennies as a nickname or endearment for the name Benny, derived from the names Benedict or its Spanish and Italian variants – Benito and Ben. The name means “blessed” in Latin.

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