White Spot Menu

White Spot Menu

White Spot Menu has stood in the Canadian food industry since 1920, and here you can find the costs of all their menu items in Canada, from Burgers to Brownies to Apple Pies.

White Spot Menu Prices are the go-to area for those who enjoy a great dinner with buddies and relatives in Vancouver. The menu features everything you can think of, from burgers and fries to salads and pasta dishes.

Most Popular

Item Price
Salted Caramel Brownie CAN$ 8.79
Apple Pie CAN$ 8.79
The White Spot Club CAN$ 20.89
Poutine CAN$ 10.49
Crispy Fried Coconut Prawns CAN$ 14.89

Featured Menu

Item Price
Bourbon BBQ Brisket Burger CAN$ 23.09
Black Truffle Cheese Mushroom Burger CAN$ 23.09
Avocado Impossible Burger CAN$ 21.99
Nashville Chicken Burger CAN$ 23.09
Feta Stuffed Lamb Burger CAN$ 21.99
Smoked BBQ Brisket Fries CAN$ 13.79
Cherry Pie CAN$ 8.79

Brunch Entrees

Item Price
Nat’s Hearty Brunch – with Toast CAN$ 19.79
Nat’s Hearty Brunch – with Waffle CAN$ 19.79
Classic Benedict CAN$ 19.29
The BC Sunny Start CAN$ 18.19
Turkey Avocado Breakfast Wrap CAN$ 19.29
Cheesesteak Hash CAN$ 20.89
Nat’s Waffle CAN$ 15.39

Brunch Sides

Item Price
English Muffin CAN$ 4.39
Fresh Fruit CAN$ 4.39
Side of Back Bacon CAN$ 4.99
Side of Crispy Bacon CAN$ 4.99
Side of Sausage CAN$ 4.99
Side of Smashbrowns CAN$ 4.39
Side Toast CAN$ 4.39


Item Price
Granville Island English Bay Pale Ale CAN$ 5
Granville Island Pilsner CAN$ 5
Granville Island Westcoast IPA CAN$ 5
Vancouver Island Brewing Faller NW Pale Ale CAN$ 5
Vancouver Island Brewing Broken Islands Hazy IPA CAN$ 5
Parallel 49 Craft Lager CAN$ 5
Parallel 49 Ruby Tears CAN$ 5
Vancouver Island Brewing Beachcomber Hefeweizen CAN$ 6
Parallel 49 Peach Bod Ale CAN$ 6
Vancouver Island Brewing Victoria Pilsner CAN$ 5


Item Price
Sauvignon Blanc, Jackson-Triggs (750ml) CAN$ 27
Pinot Grigio, Inniskillin Okanagan Estate (750ml) CAN$ 31
Chardonnay, Red Rooster (750ml) CAN$ 31
Pinot Gris, Gray Monk Estate Winery (750ml) CAN$ 33
Merlot, Jackson-Triggs (750ml) CAN$ 27
Pinot Noir, Inniskillin Okanagan Estate (750ml) CAN$ 31
Cabernet Sauvignon, Inniskillin (750ml) CAN$ 31
Steller’s Jay Brut (750 ml) CAN$ 35
Cabernet Merlot, Sandhill (750ml) CAN$ 31
Steller’s Jay & Grapefruit Mimosa CAN$ 37

Additional Alcohol

Item Price
Muddlers Lemon Tea CAN$ 6.5
Muddlers Moscow Mule CAN$ 6.5
Mudder’s Pink Lemonade CAN$ 6.5
Lonetree Cider CAN$ 6.5
White Claw Black Cherry CAN$ 6.5
White Claw Lime CAN$ 6.5
White Claw Raspberry CAN$ 6.5


Item Price
World Famous Milkshakes CAN$ 8.29
Dasani Bottled Water (500ml) CAN$ 2.99
Aha, Peach Honey (500ml) CAN$ 2.99
Simply Orange Juice (340ml) CAN$ 2.99
Gold Peak Iced Tea (547 ml) CAN$ 3.29
Sprite (500ml) CAN$ 2.99
Coca-Cola (500ml) CAN$ 2.99
Diet Coke (500ml) CAN$ 2.99

Applies & Sides

Item Price
Crispy Fried Coconut Prawns CAN$ 14.89
Chicken Wings CAN$ 16.49
Dippin’ Chicken CAN$ 14.29
Humboldt Squid CAN$ 15.99
Mushroom Gruyère Flatbread CAN$ 15.99
Nat’s Crispy Dry Ribs CAN$ 15.39
Onion Rings CAN$ 9.89
Southwest Chicken Quesadilla CAN$ 17.09
Poutine CAN$ 10.49
Sweet Potato Fries CAN$ 9.89


Item Price
Buttermilk Chicken Cobb Salad CAN$ 21.99
Farro Power Salad CAN$ 20.89
Hot Chicken Caesar Salad CAN$ 19.79
Hot Chicken Spot Salad CAN$ 19.79

White Spot Burgers

Item Price
The Legendary CAN$ 17.59
Avocado Impossible Burger CAN$ 21.99
Bacon Cheddar Bigger Burger CAN$ 21.99
BC Chicken Burger CAN$ 21.99
Crispy Cod Burger CAN$ 20.89
Double Double Burger CAN$ 22.59
Gruyere & Mushroom Veggie Burger CAN$ 21.99
Pineapple Sambal Chicken Burger CAN$ 21.99
Monty Mushroom Bigger Burger CAN$ 21.99
West Coast Salmon Burger CAN$ 21.99

White Spot’s Classics Menu

Item Price
The White Spot Club CAN$ 20.89
Chicken Caesar Wrap CAN$ 19.29
Dippin’ Chicken CAN$ 17.59
Toasted Shrimp Sandwich CAN$ 19.29
Southwest Chicken Quesadilla Entree CAN$ 20.39
The Spot’s Fish & Chips CAN$ 21.99
Nat’s Loaded Beef Dip CAN$ 24.79
Chicken, Broccoli & Cheese CAN$ 19.79
Nat’s Original Beef Dip CAN$ 21.49

Hearty Dishes & Mains Menu

Item Price
Baby Back Ribs CAN$ 26.39
New York Steak (9 oz) CAN$ 35.19
New York Steak Frites (9 oz) CAN$ 34.09

Pastas & Bowls Menu

Item Price
Chicken & Mushroom Fettuccine Alfredo CAN$ 24.79
Seafood Fettuccine CAN$ 26.39
Creamy Spaghetti Bolognese CAN$ 23.09
Teriyaki Donburi Bowl CAN$ 23.09
Charred Tomato & Garlic Prawn Spaghetti CAN$ 24.19

White Spot Desserts Menu

Item Price
Apple Pie CAN$ 8.79
Salted Caramel Brownie CAN$ 8.79
White Spot’s Berry Cheesecake CAN$ 8.79
Cherry Pie CAN$ 8.7


Why is the restaurant called White Spot?

White Spot was founded in 1928 by Nat Bailey, a Canadian restaurateur. He chose the name White Spot because he wanted to highlight the quality of their food and provide a place where people could relax with friends and family. The restaurant serves up classic diner-style dishes that are still popular today, such as burgers and french fries, as well as more contemporary fare like sandwiches and salads. 

What does White Spot mean in business?

White Spot has become a symbol of quality and excellence in the restaurant industry. It stood for fresh, delicious food made with care and served in an inviting atmosphere where customers can feel comfortable. In addition, White Spot also represents great customer service and the utmost respect for their loyal customers.

What is White Spot famous for?

White Spot is most famous for its classic diner-style dishes, such as burgers and french fries. Customers also appreciate the great variety of menu items they can choose from, ranging from salads and sandwiches to more indulgent options like pies and shakes. The restaurant prided itself on providing consistently high-quality food made with new components and served in an inviting atmosphere that makes customers feel at home. 

Who owns White Spot?

Recipe Unlimited Corporation owns White Spot, the parent company of other popular restaurant brands such as Pizza Hut and Swiss Chalet.

What does White Spot mean?

White Spot is a Canadian restaurant chain that has been around since 1928. The name “White Spot” was derived from the original company’s emphasis on white tablecloths and spotless dining areas, which set them apart from other restaurants of their time. The name still stands for high-quality food and service with a personal touch.

What is a white spot called?

A white spot is often called a “chalk mark” due to its similarity in shape and colour to the marks made by chalk on a blackboard. White spots can also be called points, dots, or circles.

What does Spot stand for?

The Spot is an acronym for “Smart Personal Object Technology,” a type of communications technology developed by Apple. It uses Bluetooth wireless technology to allow communication between compatible devices. The Spot allows users to share messages, photos, and other data over short distances.

Are white spots good?

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