Quesada Menu

Quesada Menu

Quesada Menu is a cafe chain in Canada specializing in desserts and drinks. The menu at Quesada has a wide variety of choices, including unique and delicious dishes. Prices for menu items vary depending on the site but are generally very affordable. Quesada is a great place to want a tasty treat or snack, and their friendly staff makes it even more satisfying.

Quesada Menu Prices things like Bundles, Main menu, Desserts, and Drinks in Canada.

Menu Quesada has an item that costs between $2.39 and $44.99. Menu items vary from the lower-priced 2 Bite Brownies item to the most elevated Family Taco Kit.

The Quesada Menu Price Table is mentioned Below:


Family Taco Kit $44.99
Family Pop Pack $11.00
Churros 10 Pack $14.39


Main menu

Big Ass Burritos $14.49
Large Burritos $10.19
Reg Burrito $7.89
Burrito Bowls $10.19
Quesadilla $10.29
3 Tacos $10.19
Nachos $9.79



Churros $3.49
2 Bite Brownies $2.39
Churros 10 Pack $14.39



Jarritos $3.89
Bottle Juice $3.49
Bottle Pop $3.49
Aquafina Water $3.09
Gatorade $3.59
Naked $4.79
Pure Leaf $3.59
Chocolate Milk Bottle $2.99


Is Quesada good for you?

Yes, Quesada can be a good choice for those who want healthy eating choices. It’s high in protein and fibre, and it’s also low in fat and calories. There are lots of different methods can prepare it! Whether you toss it in a light sauce, top it with veggies or serve it with beans and cheese, there is sure to be something that meets your dietary needs. So go ahead and enjoy some Quesada.

What sauces are at Quesada?

You can choose from several delicious sauces at Quesada to accompany your meal. From the classic mild and medium salsa verde to the tangy cilantro-lime and spicy habanero salsa, we have various flavours to tantalize your taste. For those who like more of a cream-based sauce, we offer queso blanco, jalapeño cheese dip and avocado crema. 

What is Quesada queso sauce?

Quesada queso sauce is a creamy, cheese-based sauce made with real ingredients and no preservatives. It’s excellent for those seeking a delicious kick to their Quesada meal. The queso is made with fresh cheddar cheese, cream cheese, sour cream, onions and garlic. And the result is an addictively creamy sauce sure to make you smile! Try it as a dip, or pour it over tacos and burritos. You won’t regret it.

Is Quesada a Canadian company?

Yes, Quesada is a Canadian company based in Toronto, Ontario. Established in 1986, Quesada began as a small family-run burrito joint. They have strived to create delicious and unique Mexican-style food with quality ingredients and a commitment to excellence from the early days. 

What is Quesada food?

Quesada offers a variety of delicious Mexican-style food, including burritos, tacos, quesadillas and nachos. They also offer speciality items such as their famous Queso dip and churros. All dishes are made with fresh elements and authentic recipes. No matter your choice, you will surely be delighted by the flavours Quesada offers.

What kind of rice does Quesada use?

Quesada uses Basmati Rice in their dishes. Basmati is a long-grain rice grown in India and Pakistan with a unique sweet, nutty aroma. It is also known for its light, fluffy texture and high nutritional value, making it an ideal choice for Quesada dishes.

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