Pizza Hotline Menu

Pizza Hotline Menu

Pizza Hotline Menu has been doing pizza in Canada for around 30 years, and here you can see the costs of all their menu items in Canada, from Pizzas to Chicken Wings to cinnamon buns.

Pizza Hotline is a popular pizza restaurant that has been serving up piping hot, cheesy slices of goodness for years. With a commitment to quality ingredients and flavors that pack a punch, we’ve become a go-to spot for pizza lovers far and wide.

Pizza Hotline is also dedicated to catering to different dietary preferences and needs. We offer gluten-free crust choices and vegetarian toppings, ensuring that everyone can enjoy a slice of pizza paradise.

Pan Pizza

Italian Classic Small CAN$ 11.99
Italian Classic Medium CAN$ 13.99
Italian Classic X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Primo Pepperoni Small CAN$ 11.99
Primo Pepperoni Medium CAN$ 13.99
Primo Pepperoni X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Meaty Delight Small CAN$ 11.99
Meaty Delight Medium CAN$ 13.99
Meaty Delight X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Spicy Hawaiian Small CAN$ 11.99
Spicy Hawaiian Medium CAN$ 13.99
Spicy Hawaiian X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Deluxe Hawaiian Small CAN$ 11.99
Deluxe Hawaiian Medium CAN$ 13.99
Deluxe Hawaiian X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Mediterranean Small CAN$ 11.99
Mediterranean Medium CAN$ 13.99
Mediterranean X-Large CAN$ 17.99
New York Small CAN$ 11.99
New York Medium CAN$ 13.99
New York X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Tropical Chicken Small CAN$ 11.99
Tropical Chicken Medium CAN$ 13.99
Tropical Chicken X-Large CAN$ 17.99
The Bacon Doble cheese Small CAN$ 11.99
The Bacon Doble cheese Medium CAN$ 13.99
The Bacon Doble cheese X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Garden Veggie Small CAN$ 11.99
Garden Veggie Medium CAN$ 13.99
Garden Veggie X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Taco Pizza Small CAN$ 11.99
Taco Pizza Medium CAN$ 13.99
Taco Pizza X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Primo suprimo Small CAN$ 11.99
Primo suprimo Medium CAN$ 13.99
Primo suprimo X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Small CAN$ 11.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch Medium CAN$ 13.99
Chicken Bacon Ranch X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Combination Small CAN$ 11.99
Combination Medium CAN$ 13.99
Combination X-Large CAN$ 17.99
The Greek Small CAN$ 11.99
The Greek Medium CAN$ 13.99
The Greek X-Large CAN$ 17.99
Primo Mexi Small CAN$ 11.99
Primo Mexi Medium CAN$ 13.99
Primo Mexi X-Large CAN$ 17.99

Speciality Pizza

XL 4 topping Pizza CAN$ 11.99
222 For you CAN$ 22.22
Cheese sticks & 2 pizza CAN$ 22.22
Pizza & Wings CAN$ 23


Pepsi + Hot breadsticks CAN$ 4.99
Cheese sticks & 2 pizza CAN$ 6.5
Ten dry rub wings CAN$ 8.99
Chicken bacon ranch CAN$ 7.49
Six cinnamon buns CAN$ 6.99

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