La Cage Menu (2023)

La Cage Menu

If you’re a food enthusiast or simply looking for a great place to dine in Canada, you’ve likely come across the term “La Cage Menu.” In this article, we will dive deep into the offerings, ambiance, and pricing of La Cage, a popular restaurant chain in Canada. Whether you’re planning a special evening out or just curious about the delectable dishes they serve, we’ve got you covered.

At La Cage, they understand the importance of enjoying great food while watching your favorite teams play. That’s why their menu is carefully curated to offer a delightful mix of sports bar classics and unique, mouthwatering creations. Here are some of the highlights:


La Cage Menu

La Cage takes the art of appetizers seriously. Whether you’re sharing with friends, enjoying a pre-game snack, or simply craving something savory to begin your meal, you’ll find a tempting variety of options.

Burgers and Sandwiches

La Cage Menu
#Burgers and Sandwiches

La Cage is not just your average sports bar; it’s a burger lover’s paradise. They take pride in serving juicy, flavorful burgers perfect for sports enthusiasts and foodies alike. Let’s dive into some of their standout burger options:

Pizzas and Pastas

La Cage Menu
#Pizzas and Pastas

La Cage isn’t just your typical sports bar; it’s a destination for culinary delights beyond the ordinary. If you’re a fan of pizza and pasta, you’re in for a treat. In this section, we’ll delve into the world of La Cage’s pizzas and pasta, where flavor and variety take center stage.

Salads and Healthy Options

#Salads and Healthy Options

La Cage’s salad offerings are a testament to their commitment to providing a well-rounded dining experience. Whether you’re a salad enthusiast or simply looking for a lighter option to balance your meal, you’ll find a variety of choices that will tickle your taste buds.

Steaks and Ribs

La Cage Menu
#Steaks and Ribs

La Cage takes the art of grilling steaks to a whole new level. They source the finest cuts of meat and expertly prepare them to your desired level of doneness. Whether you prefer your steak rare, medium-rare, or well-done, you’re in for a treat.


La Cage Menu

No meal is complete without a satisfying dessert to round off your dining experience. At La Cage, they take dessert seriously, offering a delectable selection of sweet treats that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Join us as we explore the delightful world of La Cage’s desserts, where every bite celebrates indulgence.

La Cage Menu With Prices 2023

Discover the delectable offerings at La Cage, where sports excitement meets culinary excellence. Below, you’ll find a selection of items from the La Cage menu and their corresponding prices in Canadian dollars (CAD). Please note that prices may vary slightly by location.

La Cage Menu Prices – Picked For You

Item  Price 
Tous pour un ! / All For One! C$ 28.50
Bouchées de chou-fleur frit/Fried Cauliflower Bites C$ 10.00
Blitz Burger / Blitz Burger C$ 20.60

La Cage Prices – Tartar And Poké Bowls

Item  Price 
Tartare de saumon / Salmon Tartar C$ 34.00
Poké Bol au tofu / Tofu Poké Bowl C$ 21.00
Duo de tartares / Tartar Duo C$ 38.75
Bol poké au saumon / Salmon Poké Bowl C$ 22.75
Bol crevettes Bang Bang / Bang Bang Shrimp Bowl C$ 21.50

La Cage Kid’s Menu

Item  Price 
Bouchées de poulet pour enfants / Kids’ Menu Chicken Bites C$ 9.25
Mini-burgers pour enfants / Kids’ menu Mini-burgers C$ 11.50
Méli-mélo pour enfants / Kids’ Menu The Slam C$ 10.25

La Cage Canada Menu – Burgers And Sandwiches

Item  Price 
Wrap au poulet Buffalo/Buffalo Chicken Wrap C$ 20.75
Poulet miel épicé/Spicy Honey Chicken C$ 22.25
Guédilles de la Gaspésie/Gaspé Lobster and Shrimp Rolls C$ 26.75
Classique/Classic C$ 17.75
Burger brie et champignons Beyond Meat/Bris and Mushroom Burger Beyond Meat C$ 24.50
Burger au brie et aux champignons / Mushroom and Brie Burger C$ 24.50

La Cage Menu Canada – Beers, Cocktails, Wines & Ciders

Item  Price 
Tom Gore Cabernet-Sauvignon C$ 34.00
Tenute Varvari, Nero d’Avola C$ 27.50
Domaine St-Jacques Classique blanc C$ 29.00
Côteau Rougemont Versant rouge C$ 26.00
Côteau Rougemont Versant blanc C$ 26.00
CORONA C$ 4.75
Cerbère Chardonnay Colombard C$ 29.00
Cerbère Cabernet Sauvignon C$ 29.00
Casa Defrà C$ 28.00

La Cage Menu – Fishs & Salads

Item  Price 
Salade de quinoa . / Quinoa salad C$ 18.25
Salade Cobb / Cobb Salad C$ 22.75
Quinoa et poulet grillé / Quinoa and Grilled Chicken Salad C$ 23.50
Fish and Chips maison. / House Fish and Chips C$ 25.25
Filet de saumon rôti./Roasted Salmon Fillet. C$ 33.00
Cœur de romaine césar au poulet / Chicken Cesar-Style Romaine Heart C$ 23.50
Cœur de romaine césar /Heart of Roman Caesar C$ 18.25

Menu La Cage Drinks

Item  Price 
Red Bull sans sucre/Red Bull sugar free C$ 3.50
Pepsi Zéro Sucre/Pepsi Zero Sugar C$ 3.50
Pepsi Diete/Diet Pepsi C$ 3.50
Eau Montellier 355ml/Montellier water 355ml C$ 3.00
Eau Montellier 1 liter/Montellier 1 liter C$ 4.25
Eau Aquafina 591ml/Aquafina water 591ml C$ 2.50

La Cage Pasta Menu

Item  Price 
Spaghetti bolognaise/Spaghetti Bolognese C$ 19.50

La Cage Vegetarian Meals

Item  Price 
Spaghetti bolognaise/Spaghetti Bolognese C$ 19.50

La Cage Canada Prices – Desserts

Item  Price 
Pouding chômeur C$ 10.25
Mille-feuille Moishes / Moishes Mille-feuille C$ 9.01
Mi-cuit au chocolat / Molten Chocolate Cake C$ 6.44
Mi-cuit au chocolat / Half-baked chocolate C$ 9.25
Gâteau au fromage / Cheesecake C$ 7.50

La Cage Menu Prices – Burgers And Sandwiches

Item  Price 
Wrap grillé au poulet / Grilled Chicken Wrap C$ 17.95
Notre club / Our Club C$ 21.55
Burger le DG / The DG Burger C$ 19.72
Burger buffalo / Buffalo burger C$ 18.55
Burger brie et champignons / Mushroom and Brie Burger C$ 19.62

La Cage Prices – Appetizers

Item  Price 
Trio tacos de poisson / Three Fish Tacos C$ 16.00
Tous pour un ! / All For One ! C$ 22.91
Tartare saumon entrée / Salmon Tartar Appetizer C$ 15.83
Tarare bœuf entrée / Beef Tartar Appetizer C$ 15.50
Saucisses en pâte / Sausages in Dough C$ 12.39
Poutine régulière / Regular Poutine C$ 10.00
Poutine Poulet Buffalo/ Chicken Buffalo Poutine C$ 15.84
Poutine classique / Classic Poutine C$ 7.75
Pop-corn gros format / Large Popcorn C$ 3.99
Nachos classiques/Classic Nachos C$ 23.75
Guacamole and chips nachos/Nachos Chips and Guacamole C$ 17.00
Accompagnement de frites de patates douces / Side of Sweet Potato Fries C$ 7.50
Accompagnement de frites / Side of Fries C$ 5.75

La Cage Canada Menu – Chicken & Ribs

Item  Price 
Poulet Rôti et Côtes levées / Roasted Chicken & Ribs C$ 25.50
Poulet BBQ / BBQ Chicken C$ 12.75
Filets de poulet maison / Homemade Chicken Fillets C$ 18.00
Assiette de côtes levées / Baby Back Ribs C$ 22.50

La Cage Menu Canada – Tartare

Item  Price 
Tartare saumon / Salmon Tartare C$ 28.43
Tartare de Thon / Tuna Tartare C$ 18.16
Tartare de boeuf classique / Classic Beef Tartare C$ 30.66
Duo de tartares / Tartare duo C$ 30.82

La Cage Menu – Salads

Item  Price 
Salade Grecque / Greek Salad C$ 17.85
Quinoa et poulet grillé / Grilled Chicken & Quinoa C$ 18.36

Menu La Cage Fishes

Item  Price 
Fish & Chips C$ 19.75
Club aux homard / Lobster Club C$ 25.00

La Cage Canada Kids Menu

Item  Price 
Spaghetti bolognaise / Bolognese Spaghetti C$ 7.2
Mini-burgers C$ 9.44
Méli-mélo / The Slam C$ 7.93
Bouchées de poulet/Chicken Bites C$ 6.92

La Cage Beverages Menu

Item  Price 
Thé Glacé / Iced Tea C$ 2.00
Red Bull C$ 4.15
Pepsi Diète / Diet Pepsi C$ 2.18
Pepsi C$ 2.65
Orange Crush C$ 2.43
Ginger Ale C$ 2.18
Eau Eska / Eska Water C$ 4.00
Eau Aquafina / Aquafina Water C$ 2.00
7Up C$ 2.71


Frequently AsKed Question

Is La Cage a sports bar or a restaurant?

La Cage is both a sports bar and a restaurant, offering a diverse menu with a sports-centric atmosphere.

Are there vegetarian options on the menu?

Yes, La Cage provides vegetarian options, including veggie burgers and salads.

Can I make reservations at La Cage?

Yes, many La Cage locations accept reservations. Calling ahead is a good idea, especially during busy sports events.

Do they offer takeout and delivery services?

Yes, La Cage offers takeout and delivery services, making it convenient to enjoy their menu from the comfort of your home.

Is there a kids’ menu available?

Some La Cage locations have a kids’ menu with child-friendly options.

What is the signature dish at La Cage?

While La Cage has many popular dishes, the Cage Burger is often considered a signature item.

Do they have vegetarian or vegan options?

Yes, La Cage offers vegetarian and vegan choices, such as veggie burgers and plant-based salads.

Can I watch sports events at La Cage?

Absolutely! La Cage is known for its sports-centric atmosphere and often broadcasts major sporting events on big screens.

Are there any daily specials on the menu?

La Cage frequently offers daily specials, so checking with your local restaurant for the latest offerings is a good idea.

What’s the average price range for meals at La Cage?

The cost of your meal at La Cage can vary depending on your choices, but you can expect a reasonable price range for a sports bar and restaurant.

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