Five Guys Menu Prices

Five Guys Menu Prices

Five Guys Menu Prices have been in the Canadian fast food enterprise for over ten years, and here you can find the costs of all their menu things in Canada, from Burgers to Sandwiches to Hot Dogs.

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is one of the multiple celebrated burger joints in the United States; where it was created in 1986 as a single frame in Arlington, Virginia. Since then, the chain has expanded to around 1,500 sites across North America, including one just spread in Gatineau, Quebec.

Five Guys, from the tasty, fresh-off-the-grill burgers to the endless toppings, this chain is still a choice among diners.


Item Price
Bacon Cheeseburger CAN$ 11.21
Milkshake CAN$ 7.35
Large Fries CAN$ 7.23
Little Bacon Cheeseburger CAN$ 9.12
Regular Fries CAN$ 6.08


Item Price
Hamburger CAN$ 9.65
Cheeseburger CAN$ 10.8
Bacon Burger CAN$ 10.8
Bacon Cheeseburger CAN$ 11.21
Little Hamburger CAN$ 7.69
Little Cheeseburger CAN$ 8.84


Item Price
Kosher Style Hot Dog CAN$ 6.54
Cheese Dog CAN$ 7.58
Bacon Dog CAN$ 7.58
Bacon Cheese Dog CAN$ 8.5


Item Price
Grilled Cheese Sandwich CAN$ 6.31
Bacon Grilled Cheese Sandwich CAN$ 7.46
BLT Sandwich CAN$ 6.08
BLT With Cheese Sandwich CAN$ 7.23

Fries Menu

Item Price
Little Fries CAN$ 4.93
Regular Fries CAN$ 6.08
Large Fries CAN$ 7.23
Little Cajun Fries CAN$ 4.93
Regular Cajun Fries CAN$ 6.08
Large Cajun Fries CAN$ 7.23

Drinks Menu

Item Price
Coca-Cola® 500mL Bottle CAN$ 3.29
Diet Coke® 500mL Bottle CAN$ 3.29
Canada Dry® Ginger Ale 500 mL Bottle CAN$ 3.29
Root Beer® 500 mL Bottle CAN$ 3.29
Sprite® 500 mL Bottle CAN$ 3.29
Vitamin Water Mult-v Lemonade 591mL Bottle CAN$ 3.29

Shakes Menu

Item Price
Milkshake CAN$ 7.35


Do Five Guys burgers come with two patties?

Yes, the burgers at Five Guys come with two patties. The patties are made with fresh, never frozen ground beef and cooked to order.

What is the best at Five Guys?

The best menu item at Five Guys is the custom cheeseburger, which comes with two freshly grilled patties, melted cheese, and any toppings you desire. It’s a classic burger that’s sure to please.

Are the peanuts at five guys free?

Yes, the peanuts at Five Guys are complimentary and can be relished while you wait for your dinner. Enjoy.

Why do Five Guys give extra fries?

Five Guys give extra fries to satisfy customers and get enough food. They add a scoop of fries to ensure everyone is full and happy.

Should I tip at Five Guys?

We recommend tipping at Five Guys. The staff works hard to ensure your orders are correct and your food arrives quickly, so leaving a tip’s a nice gesture. Although not expected, a 15-20% tip is appreciated for excellent service.

Why is it called Five Guys?

Five Guys is named after the five brothers who founded the chain in 1986. Jermon and Jerry Murrell had four sons, Matt, Jim, Chad, and Ben. All of their names were added to the logo, and thus, the name “Five Guys” was born.

Are Five Guys fries healthy?

Five Fellows fries are boiled in 100% peanut oil and high in healthy monounsaturated fats. However, they may not be the most beneficial option on the menu because they are fried. It is best to appreciate them in moderation and avoid overindulging.

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