Booster Juice Menu

Booster Juice Menu

Has a menu of things like Combos, Classic smoothies, Spirit smoothies, Refresh smoothies, High protein smoothies, Fresh juice, Grilled fresh, and Thingitems in Canada.

Booster Juice is a smoothie and fresh juice chain that began in Canada and has been back-distributed to locations around the globe. The organization focuses on utilizing new, quality components in its menu items.

Booster Juice Menu Canada shows other smoothies, juices, and food items at low prices in Canada. The group has something for everyone to examine for a nutritious snack or a filling meal.

Booster Juice Canada Menu has a menu that costs between $2.52 and $48.88. Menu items differ from the low-priced Funky Monkey Booster Bake to the numerous high-priced 4 Can Get Booster items.
The price field of the menu of Booster Juice at the shop typically varies between:$2.52 – $48.88


2 Can Booster $29.36
4 Can Booster $48.88
Family Pack $22.87
Juice Combo $13.52
Triple Play Juice $11.87
Regular Combo $14.62
Triple Play Regular smoothie $12.42
Snack Combo $12.42
Triple Play Snack Smoothie $10.84


Classic smoothies

Breezy Banana (Regular Size) $7.69
Breezy Banana (Snack Size) $5.27
Mango Hurricane (Regular Size) $7.69
Mango Hurricane (Snack Size) $5.27
Strawberry Sunshine (Regular Size) $7.69
Strawberry Sunshine (Snack Size) $5.27
The Original (Regular Size) $7.69
The Original (Snack Size) $5.27
Tropical Tornado (Regular Size) $7.69
Tropical Tornado (Snack Size) $5.27
Very Berry (Regular Size) $7.69
Very Berry (Snack Size) $5.27


Spirit smoothies

Berry Cream Sensation (Regular Size) $7.69
Berry Cream Sensation (Snack Size) $5.27
Canadian Colada (Regular Size) $7.69
Canadian Colada (Snack Size) $5.27
Funky Monkey (Regular Size) $7.69
Funky Monkey (Snack Size) $5.27
Orangesicle (Regular Size) $7.69
Orangesicle (Snack Size) $5.27
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0 (Regular Size) $7.69
Pea (Not) Butter 2.0 (Snack Size) $5.27
Pineapple Freeze (Regular Size) $7.69
Pineapple Freeze (Snack Size) $5.27


Refresh smoothies

Coco Crush (Regular Size) $8.46
Coco Crush (Snack Size) $5.49
Spinach Is In It (Regular Size) $8.46
Spinach Is In It (Snack Size) $5.49
Tropi-Kale (Regular Size) $8.46
Tropi-Kale (Snack Size) $5.49
Unbeetable (Regular Size) $8.46
Unbeetable (Snack Size) $5.49
Wildberry Rush (Regular Size) $8.46
Wildberry Rush (Snack Size) $5.49


High protein smoothies

Bananas-A-Whey (Regular Size) $8.24
Ripped Berry (Regular Size) $8.24
Strawberry Storm (Regular Size) $8.24
Banango Burst (Regular Size) $8.24
Nuttin’ Better (Regular Size) $8.24


Superfood smoothies

Brazilian Thunder (Regular Size) $8.46
Brazilian Thunder (Snack Size) $5.60
Matcha Monsoon (Regular Size) $8.46
Matcha Monsoon (Snack Size) $5.60
Marathon (Regular Size) $8.46
Marathon (Snack Size) $5.60
Pomegranate Passion (Regular Size) $8.46
Pomegranate Passion (Snack Size) $5.60



High Impact Açai (Regular Size) $8.68
Mind Over Matcha (Regular Size) $8.68
Pomegranate Punch (Regular Size) $8.68


Fresh juice

Heavenly Horizon $8.02
Strawberry Lemon-Aid $8.02
Hail to the Kale $8.02
Red Sunrise $8.02
Ginger Hammer $8.02
Maui Juice $8.02
Tahiti Squeeze $8.02
Green Hornet $8.02
Apple Juice $8.02
Carrot Juice $8.02
Orange Juice $8.02


Grilled fresh

BBQ Chicken Panini $8.35
Chicken Quesadilla $8.35
Chipotle Chicken Panini $8.35
Chipotle Chicken Wrap $8.35
Chipotle Steak Panini $8.35
Chipotle Steak Wrap $8.35
Pesto Chicken Panini $8.35


Grilled fresh breakfast

Egg White and Cheese Wrap $5.16
Egg White and Chorizo Wrap $7.69


Speciality items

Acai Energy Bowl $7.36
Sweet Greens Bowl $7.36
Lemon & Ginger Shot $3.07
Lemon, Ginger, Turmeric, and Coconut Shot $3.07
Orange, Ginger, and Cayenne Shot $3.07
Funky Monkey Booster Bake $2.52
Very Berry Booster Bake $2.52
Booster Ball $3.07
2 Booster Balls $5.50
3 Booster Balls $6.88

FAQs about Booster Juice:

Is Booster Juice full of sugar?

Booster Juice smoothies are generally low in sugar, thanks to the natural sweetness of their fruits. Each smoothie contains a blend of fresh fruits and vegetables, so each drink is loaded with vitamins and minerals while always providing a tasty and refreshing taste.

Does Booster Juice use fresh fruit?

Yes, Booster Juice uses fresh fruit in all of its drinks. All their smoothies are handcrafted using natural fruits and vegetables and contain no artificial preservatives or colours.

Is boost juice healthy to drink?

Booster Juice smoothies contain healthy ingredients like fresh fruits, vegetables, and natural juices. They have no added sugar; many drinks are fortified with additional vitamins and minerals. They stand as a tasty and healthy way to start your day.

Do you get a free drink from Booster Juice?

Yes, Booster Juice offers a free drink with each purchase. Customers can choose from any small-size smoothie or any pre-packaged juice. Special offers are occasionally available, including bonuses like free upgrades or discounts.

Does Booster Juice give free drinks on birthdays?

Booster Juice offers a free birthday drink to celebrate your special day. Sign up for the loyalty program, and you’ll accept an email coupon to use on your birthday. The voucher will give you access to any small smoothie or pre-packaged juice.

Is Booster Juice high in calories?

While some of the smoothies from Booster Juice can be high in calories, many options are lower and provide nutritional benefits. Their menu has several healthy alternatives, such as vegan smoothies and juices containing no added sugar.

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