Amir’s menu

Amir’s menu

Amir’s menu offers a variety of classic and modern Middle Eastern dishes. Their signature dishes are made with seasonal, local ingredients, including hummus, falafel, grilled meats, mezze platters, and salads. They also offer pita sandwiches such as shawarma, kafta and halloumi.

For dessert, they serve traditional baklava, ice cream and cheesecake. Drinks range from nonalcoholic options such as herbal tea and freshly-squeezed juices to alcoholic beverages like beer, wine and cocktails.

The menu prices at Amir vary depending on the dish and restaurant location. Generally, starters range from $3 to $9, while entrees and pita sandwiches range from $6 to $15. Desserts and drinks such as coffee, tea and alcoholic beverages are available for an additional cost.



Pita shish taouk $6.70  
 Amir combo taouk shawarma $14.99  

Entrées / Appetizers

Salade à la betterave / Beet Salad $4.54  
Salade aux betteraves / Beet Salad $4.37  
Salade d’artichauts / Artichoke Salad $4.59  
Salade de mangue / Mango Salad $4.99  
Salade légumineuse / Vegetable Salad $4.49  
Salade d’épinards / Spinach Salad $4.49  
Salade d’haricots verts / Green Bean Salad $4.37  
Riz aux lentilles / Lentil Rice $4.37  
Salade d’aubergine / Eggplant Salad $4.49  
Feuille de vigne / Vine Leaf $3.74  
Salade de couscous / Couscous Salad $4.82  
Ail / Garlic $4.63  
Salade aubergine / Eggplant Salad $4.32  
Salade lentilles / Lentils Salad $4.32  
Salade couscous / Couscous Salad $4.35  
Salade maison / House Salad $3.80  
Poutine au poulet / Chicken Poutine $8.74  
Salade artichaut / Artichoke Salad $4.32  
Salade du jour / Salad of the Day $4.32  
Riz / Rice $2.95  
Borgul $4.69  
Poutine $6.16  

Entrées / Starters

Fattouche $4.84  
Tabbouleh $4.82  
Feuilles de vigne / Vine Leaves $4.47  
Frites / Fries $3.16  
Falafel $3.44  
Salade de betterave / Beet Salad $4.65  
Hummus $4.33  
Patates épicées / Spicy Potatoes $3.69  
Salade grecque / Greek Salad $5.01  


Shawarma $6.59  
 Pita mix $6.99  
Kafta $9.28  
Pita brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers Pita $7.20  
Pita brochettes à la viande / Meat Skewers Pita $7.49  
Pita falafel $5.11  
Pita kafta $6.49  
Pita merguez $6.49  
Panini $6.98  
Pita végétarien / Vegetarian Pita $4.69  

Pitas / Wraps

 Shish Taouk $6.73  
Wrap shawarma $6.79  
Wrap falafel $4.99  
Wrap shish taouk $6.79  
Wrap végétarien / Vegetarian Wrap $4.82  
Végétarienne / Vegetarian $7.16  
Wrap brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers Wrap $7.49  

Plats / Platters

Amir shish taouk $13.55  
Plat shish taouk Amir / Amir Shish Taouk Platter $13.79  
Kafta kabab $14.40  
Plat kafta kabab / Kafta Kabab Platter $14.59  
Amir shawarma $13.55  
Couscous shawarma $12.99  
Plat combo Amir taouk shawarma / Amir Combo Taouk Shawarma Platter $14.49  
 Couscous taouk $12.99  
Plat shawarma Amir / Amir Shawarma Platter $13.79  
Couscous végé / Vegetarian Couscous $9.99  
 Assiette taouk santé / Healthy Taouk Plate $13.99  
Brochettes de bœuf / Beef Skewers $15.39  
Brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers $13.79  
Plat couscous aux légumes / Vegetable Couscous Platter $10.79  
Plat couscous shawarma / Shawarma Couscous Platter $12.99  
Menu enfants / Kids Menu $9.13  
Merguez $14.19  
Plat couscous taouk / Taouk Couscous Platter $12.99  
Plat falafel / Falafel Platter $10.82  
Steak $16.32  
Crevettes / Shrimps $15.70  
Assiette trois brochettes / Three Skewers Plate $16.47  
 5 choix végétarien / 5 Vegetarian Choices $11.49  
Plat brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers Platter $14.82  
Club taouk $13.50  
 Jarret d’agneau / Lamb shank $14.74  
Plat steak / Steak Platter $15.32  
Menu enfant / Child Menu $10.24  
Plat crevettes / Shrimp Platter $16.16  
Poutine poulet / Chicken Poutine $11.82  


Trio shawarma $11.20  
Trio mix $11.44  
Trio brochettes de poulet / Chicken Skewers Trio $11.74  
Trio shish taouk $11.26  
 Trio végétarien / Vegetarian Trio $7.78  
Trio brochettes à la viande / Meat Skewers Trio $11.68  
Trio falafel $8.87  
Trio kafta $10.81  
Trio merguez $10.44  
Trio panini $11.55  


Baklawa $2.02  


Boite baklawa / Baklawa Box $6.16  


FAQs About Amir Menu

What is on the Amir Menu?

The Amir menu features a variety of classic and modern Middle Eastern dishes, including hummus, falafel, grilled meats, mezze platters and salads. It also offers pita sandwiches such as shawarma, kafta and halloumi.

How much does it cost to order from the Amir Menu?

Ordering from Amir’s menu is affordable and competitively priced. Prices vary depending on the dish, but most items are between $6 and $15. Drinks range from $3 to $10.

How do I order from the Amir Menu?

You can dine in or order from Amir’s menu online. If dining in, the restaurant accepts cash and major credit cards. For online orders, you can use their website or download their app for easy ordering and delivery.

What is the delivery time for the Amir Menu?

The delivery time for orders from Amir’s menu depends on the distance from the restaurant. Generally, food takes 45-60 minutes to arrive at your door.

How do I contact the Amir Menu?

To contact Amir’s Menu, email them at [email protected] or call them at +1 877-817-2444. You can also visit their website for more information.

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